Picture of shopkeeper History Shopper is the creation of Jim Mowatt who runs the acclaimed Historyzine history magazine show in audio. It currently features a range of birthday cards which take an irreverent, amusing but well informed look at history bringing little snippets of the past alive in greetings cards form.These cards are ideal for the history enthusiast in your life or maybe even a child showing the glimmerings of what could be a lifelong obsession with the fascinating details of what people used to get up to in the past.  One of these cards could help kindle that flame of interest and transform it into a raging inferno of desire to investigate further. We’re based in the UK and therefore those of you from out there in the big wide world will be subject to the delights of rather unpleasant postage costs. For that I apologise and hopefully in the fullness of time we may be able to arrange for distributors in other countries and therefore bring down the postage costs for you a little bit.  Please feel free to browse around the store and enjoy the offerings here. Also please pop back from time to time. I shall be producing new cards on a regular basis and I have several wagonloads of splendid notions for gift ideas which should enthrall and delight the history enthusiast in your life. They’ll be along soon.

If you wish me to post the card of your choice directly to the person celebrating the birthday then please email me with the details of the card you’ve purchased and where you wish it to go. I shall be only too happy to send it for you. Please remember to specify the greeting you wish me to write inside the card. I’ve left the inside blank for a message so it might look a little odd if we send it blank. Use the contact page to send me a message.

Best wishes

The History Shopkeeper

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